Manifestations Do Come True!

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3 min readMay 13, 2024

Lately, I’ve been practicing manifestation in my life. It isn’t something new, you all are continuously manifesting something in your life. If you properly observe your life, you will find out that everything you have at present is the end product of what you have been daydreaming and unknowingly acting on to achieve.

“We are always manifesting, even without noticing it!”

So undoubtedly, you are going to get what you want, just by changing your thoughts and focusing all your energy towards that one desire.

(drumroll…) Bringing up India’s King of Romance… Shahrukh Khan… In one of his very famous movies, “Om Shanti Om”, he said.. “Kehte hain agar kisi cheez ko dil se chaho toh puri kaynaat usse tumse milane ki koshish mein lag jaati hai”. This dialogue did become very famous and this dialogue clearly explains the word “Manifestation”.

Manifestation Everyday…

Manifestation is all about what you desire the most in your life and how are you visualising it. There are many ways to manifest but through this blog, I am sharing the most common and easy way of manifesting which will come naturally to you.

Start with a happy memory filled with love laughter & happiness. Shift your attention to your desire and Visualise every detail… Visualise how you feel about it… It’s all about the emotion and the experience you feel while visualising it. (PS The Best time to visualise is while you are meditating… Do give it a try!)

One of the best ways to manifest I feel is by Writing it down… When you write how you are feeling, and what are you thinking, you are activating a lot of neurological pathways. When you write your dreams, your manifestation down, you see the happiness of it happening, you hear the excitement, tricking your mind into believing that you are living your manifestation.

“Raise your Vibrations so that you attract what you are seeking!”

Remember to manifest like you are actually living the life, the desire you want. “I AM” is the most powerful words you should use to manifest… All your affirmations should start with I AM.

It is the mind that charts the course for how you will live. It is the heart that offers the deepest yearnings for what you must do.

Just be grateful for what you have and also for the process which is bringing you closer to your dream life. There might be some moments where you will feel like giving up. But, this is exactly the time when you need to stay patient and optimistic. Keep your vibrations aligned with your desires and take the right actions to make your path smoother and more efficient.

Enjoy the process of manifesting. Imagining what you want is enjoyable and uplifting.

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