Ice massage: Have you heard of this skincare regimen?

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Where do you use ice?

You must be wondering, is this girl okay? What kind of question is she asking? But, I am very serious, think about where you use ice in your day-to-day life.

The majority of you must be thinking about enjoying a drink or two with lots of ice cubes in it. Few of you, who like to travel and enjoy a chilled beer and juices must be thinking of the portable ice cooler boxes. We also use ice when we have to reduce the swelling or inflammation.

Apart from this, you can use ice cubes daily to get a natural and healthy glowing face.

Yes, you read it right. A bit of common advice we all get is “Drink plenty of water” daily to avoid any skin problems. It’s not that you shouldn’t, you should drink 2–3 litres of water per day. On the other hand, simple ice cubes are not only good for creating colourful cocktails but also very beneficial for the skin.

ice massage for summer

Let me start by sharing some amazing skincare benefits of Ice Massage:

  1. Gives a fresh and dewy look

2. Shrinks the skin pores

3. Keeps the skin hydrated

4. Reduces the puffy eyes and dark circles

5. Good for Acne inflammation

6. Prevents premature ageing

7. Good for reducing the skin tans

8. Makes foundation last longer

9. Makes your lips softer

And to enjoy all the advantages of ice, you don’t have to do a lot of things. Just follow a few simple steps to get that natural glow:

1 Cleanse your face with facewash thoroughly

2 Gently massage your face in a circular motion with a few ice cubes

3 Softly rub the ice for a few seconds under the eyes to reduce the puffiness and dark circles

4 Rub the ice cubes on the red acne to reduce the inflammation

5 Massage the ice on your lips to keep it hydrated and softer

6 Pat dry your face with a towel

7 Finish up with your favourite toner or a little amount of rose water

It often gets difficult to make your foundation last longer during hot and humid conditions. In such a case, wrap some ice cubes in a clean cloth and apply it on your face for a few seconds. This helps to close the pores, making your foundation last longer. Ice massage works wonders for oily skin, it reduces the oil secretion of your skin and makes the face feel fresh and light.

What actually happens when I apply ice on my face?

When you massage ice on your face, the blood vessels constrict due to the cold resulting in a decrease in the blood flow to the skin. Our body tries to balance this by circulating more blood to your face. Hence, you get smooth and glowing skin.

When should we do an ice massage?

Do the ice massage daily, preferably at night before going to sleep. This will help you have a good night's sleep as well. There is no particular time of the day for you to give yourself an ice massage. You can do it anytime. Just remember to cleanse your face, then massage with ice and finally apply your favourite toner or moisturiser.

Ice Skincare for Summer

Treat yourself with this chilling Ice massage and get that Natural Glow…

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