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3 min readMar 1, 2022

With the spring season blooming in, the weather is starting to get a little warmer (a relief from the freezing temperature). The trees are growing fresh green leaves, flowers are blooming. Everywhere you look you see a new beginning.

And as we begin our March towards the March…It is also the time to bring front our summer clothes and also uncomplicate our skincare routine to get ourselves ready for the summer.

Let me guess, you all are already planning trips to your favourite beaches, planning your wardrobe with summer dresses, shorts and stylish hats and sunglasses. Am I Right? Am I Right?? While you plan your wardrobe and trips for this summer, why not also prepare your skin for the summer. And let me help you with this…

get summer ready with these simple tips.

Alteration Time:

The most important thing which should be in your all year skincare routine is SUNSCRREN. Be it winter, monsoon or summer, the sun’s harmful rays can cause harm to your skin. So Never Forget to apply sunscreen, even if you are locked in your house the whole day. The second important thing is to cleanse your face 2–3 times a day, especially after returning home from a busy day out.

As the weather is getting warmer, it’s better to ditch the heavy moisturiser you used during the winters. “But my skin feels dry” Yes I get this doubt, but heavy moisturiser will clog your pores. So, opt for a water-based hydrating moisturiser. It will be better if your moisturiser and make-ups have the dual property of protecting you from sun rays too. Products with added benefits of SPF benefits are the best. Also remember to protect your hair from the harmful sun rays, use a moisturising conditioner and rinse your hair with rose water too. Make a pony or bun or wear scarves or hats to further shield it against sun rays.

While altering a few products in your beauty routine, also remember to take out some time to pamper yourself with a nice facial or mani-pedis or nighttime skincare routine with Vitamin C serums. And 30–40 minutes of yoga and exercise sessions to flaunt a beach-ready body.

Are You Ready for the Summer??


  • Sunglasses
  • Hats
  • Breathable summer dresses and
  • Your two best friends,

Ticked all the items in the checklist?? Time to hit the road and enjoy some time on the beach. Keep yourself hydrated and eat fresh fruits.

Here Comes the Sun, And It’s All Right!!

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